Campaign for Darryl  Homes - Duplex sales and Shortlet services.

Campaign period: Monday, 24th August - 23rd September 2020.
Campaign materials: graphics banners
Campaign locations: social media & billboards

Content for campaign:

s/n Themes Content
1. Movies/TV/Sport • If you're spending 600 years anywhere, make sure its a Darryl Home

• Big brother house = evictionDarryl Homes = you're big brother

• 30million to sign a player or 30m to own your dream home. You're the manager!

• Bayern destroys. Darryl builds. Take a tour of the beauty we've built at Zahra Court
2. Lifestyle/Class • Picture 1: a car
Picture 2: our apartment
Caption: How would you spend 30m?

• Picture 1: car key (Rolls Royce/Bentley) 
Picture 2: house key
Caption: Different keys, different luxury. Choose your luxury!

• Image 1: Half-eaten meat (meat eaten at a party)
Image 2: Properly eaten meat, bone crushed and eaten (meat eaten at home)
Caption: Get the space express yourself. Get a Darryl Home!

• You deserve a Darryl Home too, you just don't know it yet

• Image: Darryl Home front door Caption: Just imagine parking your whip in front of this
3. Dreamhome • We are giving out one of our 3-bedroom duplexes today for free. Ts & Cs apply. (Ts & Cs: Just pay N30 million and it's all yours)

• Zahra Court...settling the luxury accommodation matter!

• Discover what it feels like to love where you live

• Turn the key. Enter. Smile. Repeat everyday

• Zahra Court...Let your dreams come home

• Won't you rather move to what moves you? Won't you rather move to a Darryl Home?

• Darryl Homes...we only added the Real back to Real Estate
4. Short-let • Sometimes a quickie is all you need (emphasize a quick break to revitalise yourself)

• A getaway doesn’t mean you get lost (emphasize the modern amenities and connection to the internet)

• “No place like home” was true until Darryl Home happened

• Just pay for the roof. No extra charge for contentment and relaxation

Short-let features:
Lagos vacancy rate: 33%
Short-let tenancy contract
booking from the website
Daily rates: N65-75k
~$150 per day

Graphics support cost: N100,000 (for all 12 banners)

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