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Monday A filled stomach, a filled mind makes a fulfilled week. Go ahead and conquer this week Whether it’s work, school or streaming TV shows, your week is packed. Check cooking off the to-do list with preorder. Order today so you can relax tomorrow.
Tuesday Enjoy the “#TwosDay” offer. DropMeal two meals pay for the delivery of one 2 for the price of one! The best part of #TwosDay is on DropMeal Cook up the weirdest two meal combos for us. Tag @DropMeal using #TwosDayWeirdness. The weirdest combo would be delivered to the winner, all-expense-paid
Wednesday Why have a food flask when you can have a food app? How can you spice up your Wednesday? With spicy jollof, of course. ⁣Get it and more from any of your favorite outlets in Benin City on DropMeal! Keep your friends close and your DropMeal delivery rider closer.Caption: With the most friendly riders in the business, you can rest assured your meal is in safe hands
Thursday #Throwback your legs and relax...good food is on its way! We may not be stars yet but we are here to take all your food delivery troubles away!
Friday You’ve had a sweet week, why not have a sweeter weekend with DropMeal? F R I d a y with DropMeal!
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TGIF...The Goodness In Food!Experience it with DropMeal! Date night at home tonight? May we suggest the always delicious (best food) from (handle of any of our partner restaurants)Caption: Drop brand details
Saturday No better way to show love than by feeding the body! Show love with DropMeal! Saturdays are for sweetness! Saturdays are for DropMeal As you dey catch weekend cruise, try chop beta o. Hunger and cruise no dey mix! Make it a great match this weekend with good food that goes with good football.
Sunday If it’s love at first bite then it’s worth making your favorite what’s your sweet tooth cravingCaption: Treat yourself to our snacks and dessert (or two) from (partner) If you crave it, we deliver it. SImple!
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