Branding (Personal and Business)

Artist Bio
Raised and bred in a small farm outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Ashley Bellivaeu tells a story of nature and the beauty it encompasses in her artworks. Her childhood spent around horses and effortlessly flowing streams ingrained in her discipline, dedication, grace, free will and fluidity...
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Action Plan Time Map
• Integration with an analytic tool (if not integrated)
• Addition of CTA (Call to Action) interfaces for user engagement 
• Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
• Ensure website mobile compatibility.
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KUDI is a financial service provider focused on providing access to electronic banking and financial services by leveraging conversational interfaces, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to provide faster access, a frictionless experience, and ultimately boost financial inclusion in emerging markets. For this branding exercise, I worked with the UI/UX team to make sure the website (color scheme, wordings, arrangement, and theme) matched the destination the brand was headed
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